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Headquartered in Irvine, California, IPC (USA), Inc. ("IPC") is a wholesale distributor of diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, and other petroleum products. Founded by ITOCHU, IPC assumed the US operations of Itochu Petroleum Japan, Ltd. in March, 2004. Utilizing ITOCHU's extensive global network, IPC is a major supplier of gasoline, diesel, naphtha, and other clean fuel products throughout the US.

IPC began our US operations under the name ITOCHU Petroleum Japan Ltd. in 2002. Our affiliation with ITOCHU in Japan gives us a global coverage of today's fuel market.

A Fortune Global 250 company, ITOCHU Corporation is an international trading company founded in Japan in 1858. ITOCHU is a leader in Japan in telecommunications, information technology, the internet, media, and retail. ITOCHU has been an influential player in the petroleum industry since the start of the company's energy, metal, and minerals division. ITOCHU's energy expertise covers resource development projects to processing and trading in crude oil, LNG, nuclear power, and other energy resources.

IPC plans to increase our competitiveness throughout the US by using our extensive network and resources in Asia. In addition to increasing jet fuel supply in the west coast, IPC is committed to strengthening our gasoline and diesel distribution network, and developing our clean petroleum tanker operation and petroleum feedstock trading activities.

ITOCHU Corporation Founded in 1858, ITOCHU Corporation is a globally integrated trading company with operations that cover a broad spectrum of industries. The company has an extensive global network of more than 180 facilities spanning 80 countries across the world.

ITOCHU's operations cover a wide spectrum of industries and are classified into seven business segments: textiles, plant, automobile & industrial machinery, aerospace, electronics & multimedia, energy, metals & minerals, chemicals, forest products & general merchandize, food, and finance, realty, insurance & logistics.