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IPC USA Launches New Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Rack Price Program in the State of Texas

September. 15, 2015 - IPC (USA), Inc. ("IPC") announced today the launch of its Monthly LNG Rack Pricing through its website at The Monthly LNG Rack Pricing offering will be shared as if IPC offers Diesel Rack Pricing to its current diesel fuel buyers. This will provide the ability for organizations to make informed decisions on LNG fuel purchases based on the most up-to-the-minute pricing. Furthermore, assisting the customer the Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) price per gallon will be listed alongside the LNG price. IPC desires to develop a database where instant notifications are available to all customers and prospects when LNG prices change based on market conditions.

LNG Rack Price (George West, TX)

We hope this type of crucial data point will help customers understand the savings that exist between LNG and other refined fuels. The voice of the customer has been loud and clear desiring a sense of transparency on the pricing of LNG", said Randy Jones, Senior Vice President at IPC. IPC is providing cost-effective LNG for the Texas market for both On-road and High Horsepower applications. IPC is focused on asphalt, oil and gas exploration, mining, agriculture and other off-road applications to reduce fuel costs and comply with environmental regulations. IPC is providing LNG fuel and fuel system solutions through a coordinated approach with value chain partners to implement a simple LNG fuel solution.


IPC established in 2004 by ITOCHU, is one of the largest leaders in providing fuel solutions for diesel, gasoline and natural gas in the continental United States market. IPC currently operates in most of the 50 states while serving more than 1,500 customers annually.